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Police Stops Traffic To Allow Mother Duck And Ducklings To Cross

An Eau Claire police officer was about to turn left when he noticed a mother duck and her ducklings crossing the


Ducklings Try Their Best To Ascend Stairs

There are countless adorable videos of ducklings struggling to descend stairs while faithfully following mom. But this precious video by


Ducklings Following Man Everywhere Is Adorable

Matthew Sargent explains that his neighbor rescued 13 duck eggs after the mother duck died. He decided to put the eggs in


Mother Cat Adopts Ducklings After Just Giving Birth

In this adorable preview clip for the BBC's new show Animal Odd Couples, a cat unexpectedly adopts a group of


Baby Ducklings Play On Water Slide

Twicebaked posted this adorable video of baby ducklings playing on a mini-water slide at the South Carolina state fair back in


Flock Of Ducks Invade CVS

YouTuber Aplue was shopping at CVS when "there was an incident." A flock of ducks somehow found their way into the popular


Duckling Takes Bath, Dried With Blow Dryer

Mihaifrancu has a new member in the family. An adorable baby duckling. The little guy loves chasing him around the house,


Buttercup The Amputee Duck Walks On New 3D Printed Leg

Are we nearing a future where people will be able to print their own medical devices? Perhaps, as Featheredangelssanct has just successfully


The Pack Of Five Dogs, A Cat, And A Duck

This adorable pet video was published online by Erica Griffith over a year ago, but it has just gone viral, going from


Portland Police Chase Impeded By Family Of Ducks

In general, the police has a pretty bad name on the Internet, with countless videos of police brutality having gone


Ducklings Jump Down From Short Ledge To Reunite With Mother Duck

Adorably suspenseful videos of a mother duck separated from her young ducklings by an obstruction is nothing new online. Over the weekend, Jenny Pan happened upon


Baby Duckling Can’t Stay Awake During Accounting Class

Chloe Broomfield published this adorable short video an entire year ago, but it has only gone viral now, amassing over 200,000