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Cat, Duckling, Dog Play With Roomba

Texas Girly 1979 published this adorable Halloween-pet video a day after the spooky holiday, but it has just experienced a second surge of


Family Of Ducks Tries To Cross Busy Highway

This adorably intense CNN video was published online nearly three months ago, but is has started to trend again over


Baby Duckling Swimming In Sink

This adorable video was posted by barbaroluvr all the way back in 2010, but since the summer, it has garnered more


Neglected Ducks Go Swimming For Their First Time

The Woodstock Sanctuary recently rescued two dozen ducks who had been hoarded in pens their entire lives. Now that the ducks


5,000 Ducks March Through Streets In China

ITN News filed this report. In the Chinese city of Taizhou, duck farmer Hong Minghs knows that nature is best. So he


Duckling Follows Man In The Park

This video published in 2010 just went viral this weekend, amassing over 5,000 likes just today. Matizhan was at the park, and stumbled


Man Helps Ducklings Stuck In Swimming Pool Climb Out To Mother Duck

This relatively ancient video from 2007 has resurfaced after being featured on TastefullyO, StuffIStole, and .   Apparently, a mother duck led


Duck Plays Fetch

Different animals other than dogs playing fetch with their masters is nothing new. But a duck? On the Internet, anything


Good Samaritan Helps Ducklings Over Street Curb To Reach Mother Duck

This adorably adorable video from last June just had a viral surge now, and is featured on SayOMG. The video features


Passersby Help Escort Mother Duck And Ducklings Across Pennsylvania Avenue

Everyone knows a a family of ducklings will follow their mother duck anywhere she goes, but sometimes mom doesn't realize


Puppies Herd Ducklings

After a long day of herding ducklings, 10-week-old Australian Shepherd puppy Fin goes for a nice drink of water. But the


Thousands Of Ducks

This video from the summer of 2010 just exploded this new year with 200,000 hits just since 2012. Veijvesa says the video