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Coca Cola Hair Rinse Is Super Weird

Coca Cola might be the most famous and accessible beverage in the world next to water. Interestingly enough, fashionista Ellko has found


100 Years Of Halloween Costumes

Every Halloween, the Internet bemoans and pokes fun at the sad reality that is most costumes for girls. Nearly every


Women’s Eyewear Over The Past Century

BuzzFeed just covered the past 90 years of men's eyewear and fashion. In this new video, they review the most popular trends in


Men’s Eyewear Over The Past Century

It wasn't that long ago that only the rich and powerful were able to afford glasses. Thankfully today, glasses are


100 Years Of Wedding Dresses

Women have been wearing white during their wedding for ages. But that doesn't mean the dress has looked the same.


Girls Doing Nothing In Activewear

It wasn't that long ago that when you saw a woman on the subway wearing sneakers and an outfit from


Surfing In High Heels

Most people can't even surf while dressed in normal swimwear. But pro surfer Maud Le Car is not your average


100 Years of Men’s Swimwear

Every summer, all the focus is on women's swimwear. The commercials, the sales, it's all for bikinis. But what about


On Man, Twelve Hairstyles

Most guys have very basic haircuts these days. But who said that girls get to have all the fun at


100 Years Of German Beauty

Cut Video is back with another gorgeous episode in their 100 years of beauty series. This time, the cover the makeup


Guy Shaves His Beard For First Time In 14 Years

Since he was 30 years old, Mook Amit has has a beard. Now that he's 44, he's decided to change


Jurassic Park With High Heels Is Ridiculous

The Internet truly is a wonderful, crazy place. If you can think of a ridiculous idea, it's probably on the Web.