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100 Years Of Italian Beauty

When people think of Italy, they think of Catholicism, pizza, and beautiful fashion and people. Cut Video is back with their popular


100 Years Of American Men’s Fashion

It seems the Internet has found a new trend. After covering women's makeup and fashion styles over the past century


Men Try Women’s Swimwear

Ahh summer, the time when people kick back and enjoy good times at the beach. Except summer isn't all fun and


240 Years Of American Army Uniforms

Even though America's birthday has just passed, IJReview only published this patriotic video now. As America is such a young country, there have not


Woman Shows How Terrible People Online React To Her Bad Skin

Like so many young people, Em Ford of My Pale Skin has struggled with acne and skin issues. It's rare to find


100 Years Of Women’s Fashion

We've all the seen the popular makeup series by Cut Video showcasing the different makeup styles and fashion that has


100 Years Of Indian Beauty

The Web's favorite fashion show is back already. Cut Video has made a name for themselves online for their gorgeous 100 years


Evolution Of Women’s Bathing Suits

Now that it's Memorial Day, it's finally getting hot outside. And that means it's time to hit the beach! Today,


Women’s Swimsuits Over The Past Century

Now that it's finally warmer out, people are hitting the gym extra hard to get ready for the beach. Speaking


Standards Of Male Beauty Around The World

What does the ideal man look like? Well, it matters where you ask the question. BuzzFeed already covered female beauty from around


100 Years Of Korean Beauty

Cut Video has found a winning recipe for going viral. Back in December, they went viral with their gorgeous video showcasing makeup and


Female Beauty Around The World

Is there only one form of female beauty in the world? If you look at the media you might think