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How to Fall Asleep Fast

23 September, 2022



Fat Guy Accidently Stabs His Big Screen TV With Bayonet

When showing off your authentic antique musket to your friend over Skype, make sure the bayonet isn't anywhere near your $3,000


Crazy Prius Lady Freaks Out At Family For Running Their Truck While Parked

This video was posted in May, but just went viral now. The man recording the incident is in his diesel


Fat White Kid Dancing At School Playground

It takes guts to dance in front of a large group of people. It takes even bigger guts when your


Real Life Garfield Fat Cat Watches TV

Garfield is the famous orange and black striped Tabby cat who loves to sleep, lie around, eat lasagna, and especially watch TV.


Fat Guy Singing California Gurls On City Bus During Morning Commute

Ahh, the pleasure of taking a city bus. You don't have to drive, or park, and just forget about gas


Fat Dad Dives Through Small Pool Inner Tube

This all American dad sure has got a big all American gut. So when he proposes diving through a tiny


Fried Stick Of Butter At Iowa State Fair

County and state fairs are famous for their music, animals, rides, and games. But one of the biggest attractions to


Fat Kid Picks Up Shirt In Celebration At FIFA World Cup

America is proud to be too big, too much, and too fat. This little fat kid embodies the entire American


Fat Man Imitates Crying Baby Perfectly

Watching a grown man cry can be a difficult thing. But it's even harder to watch a grown man imitate


Girl Cries, Freaks Out, Breaks Down Watching Twilight Breaking Dawn Trailer

The trailer for the last and final Twilight film, Breaking Dawn, was just released during the MTV Music Awards, and


Fat Sixers Fan Dancing On Jumbotron

People just love when fat guys dance. There's really nothing like it. With the Seventy-Sixers down by five against the


Jesse Heiman As An Extra Montage

I'm sure no one knows his name, but you will recognize his face. And he's everywhere. And I mean literally