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Old Spice Biggest Loser Spoof

The amount of spoofs and parodies of the Old Spice viral sensation I'm On A Boat commercial are endless. Most…

Fat Stomach Shot In Ultra Slow Motion

With a high speed camera shooting 1280 fps, a fat stomach jiggling turns into a mesmerizing work of art. First,…

Chubby Asian Boy Lip Sync Dancing

One thing is for sure, he's definitely not camera shy. He cranks up the tunes and performs some serious lip…

Chubby Boy Sings, Dances Britney Spears Hold It Against Me

He's got sass! He's got the moves! And he's got the voice! All he needs now is a record deal.…

Red Neck Cover Of The Rose

Welcome to America. A truly all American woman sings along with The Rose made famous by Bette Midler.

Fat Black Midget Urkel Dance

Do the Urkel dance! The Internet is a crazy place, I must say.

Fat Cat Can’t Jump Up Onto TV Stand

This kitty must be related to Garfield. The cat tries over and over, but doesn't go into a full jump.…

Cute Chinese Kids Play Police On Chinese TV

I don't know the hell is going on. Why are they crying? I guess the kids are the police and…

Fat Huge Chinese Cat

This fat cat puts Garfield to shame.



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