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Dog Throws Ball Over Fence So Passersby Play Fetch With Him

Such an adorable and clever dog! He's having fun all day playing fetch with a lot of strangers passing by.


Dogs Adorably Fail At Fetch Compilation

For most dogs, playing fetch is second nature. But not all dogs are blessed with the ability to always catch


This Is What Happens When An Engineer Owns A Dog

This viral video by The Unknown But Not Hidden shows exactly what happens when an engineer owns a pet dog. The


Blind Dog Plays Fetch By Listening And Smelling

Kellar the dog was born completely blind, but that hasn't stopped the three year old English Springer from playing fetch like


Smart Dog Plays Fetch With Himself Using Stairs

This clever Jack Russell Terrier named Sid Russell loves to play fetch, but has no human to play with. But that's


Dogs Playing Fetch Matrix Style

Popular videographer Devin Supertramp teamed up with Orapup to commission this fun and visually pleasing pet video.  He and his crew took the art


Dog Plays Fetch By Self Using Stream

Human kids like to play games by themselves so why not dogs? Ryan Faw caught one dog in Kobe, Japan doing just


Rat Plays Fetch

Mr Thylulenspiegel likes to say that his pet rat is just "like a tiny dumb dog." Well, not so dumb really. Impressively,


Stoned Golden Retriever Is Too High To Fetch

Last month, YouTuber Cozmcchuck took his pup into the vet for a check up which required some general anesthesia. It was no


‘Ninja Dog’ Jumps Over River While Fetching Stick

NSFW - language  This video by chaz11bb has gone viral over the past few days, standing with over 315,000 views so far.


Woman Plays Catch With Elephant At Zoo

The zoo is full of magic, and this woman experienced it first hand. In this video published by PETSAMI, a tourist at the zoo


Duck Plays Fetch

Different animals other than dogs playing fetch with their masters is nothing new. But a duck? On the Internet, anything