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McGregor vs Mayweather Is Nothing Compared To This

Excited for the fighting battle of the century? This animal video makes Conor and Floyd look like amateur school boys


Serious Boxing

You wanna learn how to box? I'll teach you!


Putin Shows How It’s Done

The art of judo isn't lost on Vladimir Putin and he loves to pass it through to younger generations.


Baby Beats Street Fighter V In Story Mode

The latest Street Fighter game, Street Fighter V, is finally here. The graphics may be fantastic and the the game


Action Packed Bat Crocodile War Is Full Of Lasers And Explosions

Nature shows featuring animals battling in the wild can be exciting and dramatic. But these days, most viewers have been desensitized to


Guy Injects Himself Into Fighting Video Games

Fighting games have been a staple video game genre ever since Street Fighter II took over arcades in the 1990's.


Nerd Makes Awesome Homemade Batman Armor

What nerd didn't grow up dreaming of being Batman? He's the only superhero that has no actual super powers. Instead,


Most Epic Nerf War In History

The Internet has seen amazing Nerf wars before. But there's always room for one more. The film makers at Racka Racka used


What Every Fighting Video Game Ever Looks Like In Real Life

Even non-gamers have played a fighting game a couple times, be it Mortal Kombat or even Smash Brothers.  Freddie W demonstrates


Whose Plane Is It Anyway Action Short

What happens when prominent YouTuber and 'action hero' Freddie W encounters his arch nemesis on a jumbo jet with no pilot on


How To Win A Street Fight With Defensive Head Movements

Boxing and fighting expert Trav took to the streets to demonstrate how properly executed defensive head movements can make for a more


Usher Fights Himself In ‘Looking 4 Myself’ Samsung Music Video

Music videos and marketing continue to meld. As we have seen before, more artists are turning from simply featuring a