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Dodgeball ‘Ninja’ Backflips Over Ball

We all know from the movie Dodgeball that there are five D's - dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. But


Skateboarder Backflips From One Board To Another

It's easy to find cool skateboarding tricks online. But I have never seen a trick like this one. A dude


Man Jumps Over Speeding Car

Twenty two year old Aaron Evans is a parkour master, and showed off some of his jumping skills in front


Russian Kid Pulls Double Flip Off Swing Set

You can always count on Russian videos to be far from the ordinary. This kid says something in Russian, then


Cirque De Soleil Acrobat Flips While Throwing Opening Pitch

At the latest San Diego Padres game, a Circ De Soleil acrobat was given the chance to throw the first pitch.


Amazing Gymnastics Multi Jump Flip

At most gymnastic events, a gymnast jumps up and twirls a few times. That's all fine and dandy, until you see this.


BMX Biker Performs Special Flip – Flipping Off Bike While Jumping

The Special Flip in extreme biking is when you pull off a jump, which is difficult enough, but then flip


Highschool Football Player Ejected For Backflips

Maybe he's in the wrong sport. I think the gymnastics team is recruiting. Cam Haas of North Carolina Watauga High School


Asian Biker Hit By Car, Ninja 360 Flips, Jumps Off On Feet

A biker in China crashes at high speeds, and pulls a 360 flip off his bike as it's colliding. He