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Ozell Williams Jumping, Flipping Acrobatics

TheAcroVideos posted this clip of athlete and tumbler Ozell Williams in May, but it is trending now more than ever. The clip,


South Korean Actress Tae-Mi Performs Taekwondo First Pitch

Back in July, South Korean gymnast Shin Soo-Ji went viral on the English web after My Kbonet's video of her performing


Sign Flippers Dance To Daft Punk

Daft Signz reports that every week, a group of talented friends get together in Hollywood to lose themselves to dance. With


Teen Skateboarder Performs Backflip Jump From One Board To Another

Egill Gunnar is only a teenager, but he's already made a name for himself online. Over the weekend he uploaded this


Prankster Jumps Over Cop, Gets Arrested

YouTube prankster Ross Creations has made a name for himself online for taking his pranks one step further than the rest.


Cheerleader Scores Half Court Trick Shot Incorporating Front Flip

Basketball trick shot videos rarely include female athletes, but is changing all that. She has just gone viralviral after video of


SUV Flips Over After Running Over Pothole

Russia is notorious for dash cam videos, and this one is no exception. Imagine just cruising along with your dash


Amazing Gymnastics Flipping At Park

Satellite radio show OpieRadio published this video of an amazing gymnastics dance crew at the park. One of the dancers flips and jumps in


Unexpectedly Backflipping In Random Locations

YouTuber gamer Blimp01 took a break from the Call Of Duty to show off his random talent--backflipping. He went to places


Disabled Skier On Sit Ski Performs Backflip

Professional skier, Josh Dueck, broke his back in 2004 when a skiing backflip went horribly wrong. But even after becoming paraplegic,


First Snowmobile Front Flip Successfully Landed

This year's Winter X Games were already home to some amazing competition. But things are only heating up in the


One Backflip Everyday During The Year 2011

YouTuber Thetrollmasterflex says: "My Dad bet me $100 that I couldn't do one backflip (backflip, gainer, wallflip, etc.) each day of 2011."