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Crowd Get Wild When DVD Logo Hits the Screen Corner Perfectly

No wonder they freak out... Never got to see that perfect moment in my life before. The most exiting moment


Surprising Dad By Hiding In The Car Trunk Prank

Brian Vogelgesang took a special flight from Chicago to be with his family for his dad's birthday. To make the surprise extra


This Guy Really Really Hates Windows Updates

Most of us ignore those annoying pop ups from Windows telling us to update the computer and restart it. But Endless


Grandma Freaks Out Trying Virtual Reality

Back in the 90's, gamers got a taste of virtual reality. But it was just plain awful. Finally, modern technology has


Woman Screams At Governor Rick Scott At Starbucks

Usually, when a big name politician like a governor visits a local coffee shop citizens line up to take photos


John Stamos Freakout At Netflix Office

The world's most popular movie rental and streaming site, Netflix, went all out this April Fools. First, they made a trailer


University Of Michigan Frat Boy Verbally Abuses Uber Rider After Being Cancelled

The great thing about Uber is that the drivers aren't the only ones being rated. The passengers are also. Apparently, a


Mercedes Catches Fire On Highway, Driver Freaks Out

In the rare event your car catches on fire, it's fair to freak out. But this driver still may have


Angry Mom Confronts Katy Perry’s Dad

We all wish for our children to follow a positive path in life. But when our kids choose a different


Baby And Dog Adorably Freak Out When Dad Comes Home

There's nothing more exciting for a kid than when dad finally comes home after a long day. But that excitement


Little Girl Is Adorably Upset After Hearing Adam Levine Got Married

Many young people have a celebrity crush. Little Mila simply loves pop music star Adam Levine from Maroon 5. But mom Veronica has


Crazy, Rude Woman At Kebab Shop Meets Karma At The End

We've all experienced it at least once before. We're out at a restaurant with friends or family to enjoy an evening