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What Does The Fox Say On GLEE

When you have a professional television show, you're bound to be a little late with the Internet parodies. Web culture


Glee Copies Jonathan Coultan’s Arrangement Of Baby Got Back

Glee is trending online as the weekend begins, and not for good reasons. Apparently, their latest cover of Baby Got Back sounds just


GLEE – Somebody That I Used To Know

One hit wonder Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye became an even bigger web sensation when Walk Off The Earth covered the


GLEE Performs Adele’s Rumor Has It / Someone Like You Mash Up

GLEE continues to be the  hot TV show that everyone loves for their great pop song covers, and that authentic


Straight Guys Who Like GLEE Hip Hop Song

People always say it's a man's world, but not everything is so easy for dude. All guys want to drink


Sesame Street Spoofs GLEE

Sesame Street has gone viral in the new Internet age with spoofs and parodies of other popular media to help


Little Kid Performs GLEE Raise Your Glass

This mini warbler first went viral singing and dancing along with GLEE's interpretation of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. Well, he's


Little Boy Sings & Dances Along With GLEE’s Teenage Dream

These lucky parents are blessed with their very own GLEE Warbler. With GLEE's version of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream on the TV


GLEE Covers Friday By Rebecca Black

Sadly, GLEE gave Rebecca Black and all other fake, auto tune singers positive reinforcement by covering the nightmare, Friday. At


Glenn Beck On GLEE

Conspiracy theorist, Glenn Beck, has a lot of crazy ideas and, well, conspiracies. His latest issue is with GLEE. It


Darren Criss Performs Teenage Dream

Darren Criss, famous from GLEE, performed Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. He was reported as a little tipsy, but still pulled


GLEE – Misery By Maroon 5

The boys of GLEE cover Maroon 5's hit single Misery.