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Tom Hanks Speaks To Graduating Yale Class 2011

The season of graduation is upon us. Students lucky enough to go to school with a tuition nearing $50k usually…

Amy Poehler Speaks At Harvard Graduation

Actress and comedian Amy Poehler was given the honor of speaking at this year's Harvard graduation. She drops her familiar…

Valedictorian Speech Rap

Well, it's that time of year again. The time when people post their amazing speeches from graduation. Most aren't anything…

Paralyzed Student Walks At Graduation

Austin Whitney, a UC Berkeley student, was paralyzed in an auto accident four years ago. But that didn't stop him…

Valedictorian Girl Gives Speech Against Public Schooling At Graduation

This valedictorian girl tells of the flaws of the Public schooling system. Most people's goal is just to finish and…


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