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Snow Gymnastics

If I can't ski, I'll try gymnastics.

How To Backflip Like A Beginner Boss

Backflipping like a boss in under six hours? Here's how! [embed][/embed]

You’re Never Too Old To Gym

Okay, that's not true for everyone, but this 91-year-old has some cool tricks up her sleeve. [embed][/embed]

Son Challenges His Father To A Gymnastics Competition

Son is a trained athlete, but his dad doesn't disappoint... at all!

Dad Tries To Copy Daughter’s Gymnastic Moves

41-year-old Ash Mills wants to keep up with the sportyness of his offspring Alex. But the 9-year-old seems to be…

Gymnastics Coach Performs Perfect Last Second Save

To be a good coach, you can't just tell your athletes what to do. You have to be apart of…

Oldest Gymnast In The World Will Inspire You

Saying Johanna Quaas is an experienced gymnast is an understatement. Her first competition was in 1934, before World War II.…

Mini Homemade Robot Performs Triple Backflip-Landing

Back in July, Japanese YouTuber Hinamitetu posted video of his impressive miniature gymnastic robot which performed a Quadruple Backflip. That video went…

Nebraska Men’s Gymnastics Perform Amazing Harlem Shake

Another Harlem Shake video. ...  So why is this one by the Nebraska Men's Gymnastics team trending? Because they bring something to…

Tricking – Amazing Gymnastics Jumping And Flipping

Unbeknown to most, there is a new sport in town called Tricking. It's really just an extreme form of gymnastics…

Amazing Gymnastics Flipping At Park

Satellite radio show OpieRadio published this video of an amazing gymnastics dance crew at the park. One of the dancers flips and jumps in…

86 Year Old Performs Gymnastics

Johanna Quaas has impressed the Internet, and the world, when she performed a gymnastics routine at the Turnier der Meister competition,…



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