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Students Play Tetris On MIT Building

This isn't the first time it's been done, but nerds at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have successfully hacked one of the


Nerd Hacks Atari To Make Epic Atari Guitar

Chiptune enthusiast cTrix took an old Atari 2600 with its very limited music sound board, and after creating software to convert the data


Homemade Saxophone Lamp Present

Greesyfizeek says, "I've been joking with my father in law about turning my old Bari sax into a lamp. This showed


Old Scanner And Robot Drums Perform Little Drummer Boy Holiday Song

The Little Drummer Boy is a holiday classic, but even our oldest favorites could do with a modern twist. Bd594 created a


Japanese Girl Hacks Furby

I didn't know Furby still existed, but apparently, they are still big in Japan. Julie Watai is a cute Japanese nerd


Homemade Motion Sensor Gun For FPS, Moust Taped To Keyboard

Forget all those expensive new motion sensor devices. They don't even work that well, and they're expensive. Just tape your


Hamster Ball Powered Strandbeest Robot Walker

What happens when engineers have too much time on their hands? They make stuff like this. One genius hacked a


How To Jump The Flag Pole In Super Mario Bros Level One

Mother Effer Mike shows us a difficult glitch in the original Super Mario Bros. If you can pull it off,


Need For Speed Homemade Wooden Steering Wheel

Now this is hacking and innovation at its best. A serious gamer made a steering wheel for Need For Speed


Kinect Windows 7 Hack

Using Kinect, this computer genius connected his PC and can now control his computer with his hands. This well maybe