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10 Vinegar Life Hacks

Household Hacker, YouTube's most famous educator of ridiculous tricks and hacks that may or may not ease your daily life,


Infinitely Flying Paper Airplane Circles Over Electric Stove Hack

It may sound impossible, but if one is stubborn enough, they can make a paper airplane seemingly fly forever. As


Quick Watermelon Smoothie Hack

Happy Labor Day! To celebrate the last holiday of the summer, YouTuber Mark Rober has just debuted this new video demonstrating


Rope Controlled Lawn Mower

Everyone loves summer, but the chores associated with the nice sunny days can get tiresome, especially mowing the lawn. But 99bbtom has


8 Incredibly Quick, Amazingly Easy, Awesome, Simple Life Hacks Parody

It seems every YouTuber and their grandma has an 'original' life hack video with a slew of 'amazing tricks' to


10 Food Life Hacks

Ever popular Household Hacker has debuted a brand new video with a focus on food life hacks. Some of his food tips


Quick And Simple Life Hacks Part 8

Household Hacker's never ending Quick and Simple Life Hacks series continues. In the eighth episode, the host shows viewers how to keep


Hacked Montana Emergency Alert System Warns Of Bodies Of The Dead Rising

The Montana Television Network has admitted that a hacker broke into their Emergency Alert System at a KRTV affiliate studio. During regular programming, the


Seven Ways To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew

Household Hacker is, naturally, most famous for their 'life hacks.' A common 'life hack' is to access alcohol, be it beer


Six Ways To Open Beer Bottle Without An Opener

Household Hacker is one of the older popular YouTube channels, yet they still continue to churn out popular viral videos. For their


Simple Life Hacks Part 2

After the much success of their first video, Household Hacker is back with another (maybe not so) helpful list of 'life hacks.'


Quick And Simple Life Hacks

Life 'hacks' are a favorite online, and the main focus of Household Hacker. In their latest video, they cover ten "Quick