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Lucky Fan Scores Half-Court Shot At Lakers Game For $95,000

Nearly every professional sports game include fun games and sideshows to entertain the guests during downtime. Offering lucky one fan a chance to


Freshman Sinks Half-Court Shot And Wins Free Tuition

The serious expense of going to college in America has been a conversation in the political world for years. Still,


Student Wins Truck Scoring Scoring Buzzer Beater Half Court Shot

Drake student Alex Tillinghast was given the chance to win a brand new Ford F-150 truck. All he had to do was


College Student Scores Four Shots, Wins $10,000

One lucky college kid from Bryan College scored four of the most important basketball shots of his life. He was


Thunder Fan Hits Halfcourt Shot, Wins $20,000

There must be something lucky about the Thunder's Chesapeake Energy Arena.  For the second time this week, a Thunder fan


Colorado State University Student Wins Tuition For One Year After Scoring Half Court Shot

Last week, incoming Ball State freshman Markus Burden won a semester of paid tuition after scoring a half court shot.  Colorado State University upped


Stolen, Then Stolen Back Half Court Buzzer Beater

New Rochelle student Khalil Edney is the latest basketball player to go viral online for scoring an amazing half court buzzer


Cheerleader Scores Half Court Trick Shot Incorporating Front Flip

Basketball trick shot videos rarely include female athletes, but is changing all that. She has just gone viralviral after video of


Coach Scores Half Court Shot To Win Scholarship For Student

Each year, Brandon University holds the Smitty's Tuition shoot-out with a prize of a semester of tuition paid for in full.


Incredible Half-Court Shot Gets Stuck On The Rim

You get a better view of the game by just watching at home, so professional sporting events have to incorporate delicious


Half Court Buzzer Beater At Double Overtime

The Cal Poly Pomona and Cal State Dominguez Hills game was neck and neck for two entire overtime quarters. Finally,


Half Court Buzzer Beater Baker University VS Kansas Wesleyan

With two seconds remaining, Kansas Wesleyan tried to throw a deep pass, but Baker's Sam Kenney picked off the pass