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Pouring Molten Copper On A Big Mac

Tito4re loves to heat metals so hot that they melt into a liquid state. For his latest project, he heated copper wires


Burgers Inspired By The Holidays Will Make You Drool

When you think of the holidays, foods like mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, honey glazed ham, and turkey come to mind.


The $12 McDonald’s Burger Is A Beast

McDonald's is in a tough situation. After seemingly growing and expanding for decades, the world famous American burger chain has


Making Sushi Out Of Burgers And Pizza Looks Delicious

It was only a few decades ago when the idea of eating fish wrapped in seaweed and rice would make


Hungry Man Orders The Biggest Possible Custom Burger At McDonald’s

McDonald's has been struggling lately as consumers are seeking a more upscale product and experience. The world's biggest hamburger company is hoping


Hamburger With Mac And Cheese Bun Is Heaven

Sure it's a million calories, but who cares? Apparently a mad scientist chef at in Torrance, California has invented a new hamburger


How Fast Do Burgers Age

Nearly everyone partakes in fast food once in a while. No matter how hard we try, the allure of a


Trying Out The New McDonald’s Gourmet Burger In Australia

Fast foods fans rejoiced after hearing the news that McDonald's has debuted a brand new gourmet hamburger item on their


How To Make Ramen Bun Hamburger

Popular cooking channel Pop Sugar is enjoying an extra viral boost after debuting their Ramen Burger at Home video. The ramen burger


Man Reviews Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Thirty-four year old YouTuber Daym Drops has a small time restaurant review channel with only 6,400 hundred subscribers. His video reviews are


Why Does McDonald’s Food Look Different In Ads Than In Real Life

Have you ever gone to a fast food restaurant only for your burger to not look as amazing and magical


Japanese Fast Food Cheeseburger Meal Candy Set

Japan is famous for their awesome candy sets that are more fun to play with than actually eating. Japanese candy