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Scammer Repairman Caught Over Charging For No Actual Service

We've all been there before. One of our home appliances breaks, so we Google the nearest repairman with a decent…

Opposing Soccer Team Fans Fight In Elevator Prank

YouTuber Alejo Zapata posted this clip from a hidden camera show two weeks ago, and the video has already amassed over 1.4…

Boy Chooses Ice Cream Over Stranger Danger

Since the 90's, the media has been pushing 'stranger danger', trying to scare parents and kids alike to fear people…

Mom Catches One Of Her Twin Toddlers Escaping From The Crib On Camera

This video was posted in April, but only now went viral around the globe and is featured on DailyMail, ,…

NPR Senior Execs Caught On Hidden Camera

Republican activist secretly recorded NPR's senior executive talking with a Muslim Brotherhood front group. They discuss their federal funding, Fanatical Christians,…



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