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Teen Breaks United States High School Running Record

Teen Breaks United States High School Running Record

[rumble][/rumble] Matthew Boiling runs 9.98 in the 100 meter, which is the fastest in high school US history. More

The First To Finish The Test

Depending on your age, being the first to finish a test can mean a totally different thing.

Every High School Ever

There's only a week left in August. Fall is almost here. And that means back to school. Countless students will be…

This High School Student Is The Super Hero We Need

Just when you thought your classmate was just another high school student you discover he's actually a superhero! Well, kind…

Koreans Take SAT Math Section

We often hear in the media that America students are constantly scoring lower than their counterparts in more and more countries. Especially…

High Schooler’s Water Bottle Toss Is Perfection

Every high school kid is used to seeing a couple impressive performances at the school talent show and a bunch of…

Minnesota State High School Hockey Team Has Awesome Hair Again

Last year, the the Minnesota State High School hockey team went viral with their hilarious sports review video that covered the players' hair…

Japan Keeps Entire Train Station Open For One Person

Taking a packed train to and from work is horrible. It quickly becomes cramped, hot, and uncomfortable for everyone. But one…

High School Lunch Lady Stuns Cafeteria With Christmas Singing

To celebrate Christmas, Cameron Zettlemoyer's Souderton High School has Teacher Karaoke during lunch. The staff takes turns singing their favorite holiday songs.…

High School Romance In A Horror World Music Video Is A Horror Fan’s Dream

It doesn't matter if you're a regular kid or a terrifying serial killer with knives for hands. Apparently, everyone goes through…

New Zealand High Schoolers Perform Power Haka Dance At Teacher’s Funeral

In New Zealand, Palmerston North Boys' High School teacher Dawson Tamatea unexpectedly passed away. At his funeral, the students put…

Kid Unexpectedly Wins High School Dance Off

Some kids in school are just cool while others just don't seem that hot. That's what makes this video by Vincent Manghise so…



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