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How To Never Get A Poison Ivy Rash

Enjoying outdoor activities is one of the best parts of summer time. But that brings up a lot of issues.…

Canada Hiker Defends Himself From Two Cougars

Canadian hiker Donny Stone was going for a run in Northern Alberta when he stumbled into a very serious situation. Two…

Man Hikes 2,600 Miles From Mexico To Canada Time Lapse

Experienced hiker Andy Davidhazy wanted to document his latest adventure is a very special way. He decided to take a selfie once…

Hiker Calmly Tells Brown Bear To Go Around At Kings Canyon Park

As most people who went to sleep away camp know, bears are more scared of us than we are of…

Koala Climbs Up Girl’s Leg For A Hug

Like so many animals in the wild, koala bears look adorable and cute, but are far from it. Generally, they are…

Norwegian Hiker Celebrates Opening Box Of Snacks At The South Pole

Norwgian Hiker Aleksandergamme was hiking the South Pole, and purposefully left a box of supplies and snacks for himself to later retrieve…

Corgi First Person View Hiking Runyon Canyon

Syejukoon made a special GoPro backpack for his adorably short Corgi, and went hiking through the Runyon Canyon outside of Los…



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