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Black Friday Horror Movie Trailer

Every year, Black Friday is somehow hyped up to be a bigger event than the last. The deals are better, the stores


Honest Trailer Of ‘Saw’

The 2004 horror film Saw was an unexpected movie sensation. The independent film only had a budget just over one million


Michael Jackson’s Thriller Sung In 20 Different Style Halloween Styles

Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs is a cover artist master, recreating popular songs in countless different styles and genres. In


Everyday Is Scary Song

Kids are often scared of monsters under the bed or of ghosts in the closet. But being an adult in


Evil Toddler Prank Is Your Worst Nightmare

With Halloween just around the corner, YouTuber pranksters are rushing to produce terrifying prank videos. Popular prankster Roman Atwood dressed his cute


Shia LaBeouf Live

Singer and songwriter Rob Cantor put together one of his greatest pieces yet, strangely and simply called Shia LaBeouf. That's right, as in the Hollywood


IKEA Homage To The Shining

Halloween is just around the corner. In order to promote their late night shopping, IKEA Singapore made this homage to Stanley Kubrick’s horror


Toy Story As A Horror Film Is Chilling

Just over a week ago, Bobby Burns went viral with his eye-opening twist on Disney's Frozen, cutting footage of the popular film


‘Frozen’ As A Horror Film Is Chilling

The Internet loves taking lovable, cute movies and TV shows and twisting them into terrifying horror trailers. It's amazing how


Full House As A Horror Show Will Creep You Out

Everyone knows and loves the funny 1990's family sitcom Full House. But what if Full House wasn't so lovable and cute.


One Inch Of Snow In Atlanta Horror Movie Trailer Parody

The South has been hit by another irregular snow storm. But what is just another normal winter storm in much


Remote Control Devil Baby Prank In New York City

To promote the new horror film Devil's Due, the studios made the very smart decision to commission this prank video