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The Tick Explained

Fake vampires can't compete with the real blood suckers of nature, the tick. The New York Times explains how the tiny real


Mr. Pumpkin Jumps Out Of Jack-O-Lantern Decoration Prank

SA Wardega is famous for their creative and unique superhero pranks, and didn't disappoint this Halloween. For this year's prank, they


SNL Imagines Mock Horror Trailer By Wes Anderson

Film director Wes Anderson has a style and design few can duplicate. But can Wes employ his one of a kind


Conan Plays Horror Video Games

One of Conan O'Brien's most popular on-going series is his Clueless Gamer series.  For his latest episode, Conan and his video


Everything Wrong With Saw

NSFW Halloween is only one week away. In honor of the spooky holiday, Cinema Sins has revisited one of the creepiest horror


Flying Halloween Ghost Made From Quadrocopter

Halloween continues to modernize into the digital age.  To create a very real flying ghost for the spooky holiday, Alton Porter hacked


Ellen Sends Her Two Staffers Through Walking Dead Haunted House

Ellen DeGeneres loves scary people, be it her celebrity guests or her writer Amy.  Every October she has a tradition


The Most Horrifying Parasites

Popular education channel Asap SCIENCE has left viewers uneasy after reviewing the most horrifying parasites ever just in time for Halloween. These


The Shining As An 8-Bit RPG Video Game

Movie obsessed CineFix is well known for their geeky '8-bit cinema' parodies where they re-imagine classic movies with an old school video


Carrie-Cinderella Trailer Mash Up Is Chilling

The classic 1976 horror flick Carrie has been rebooted for this Halloween season, and is already in theaters. In that honor, mash-up


Haunted Shopping Cart Prank Part 2

Back in July, popular online magician Rahat terrified shoppers with his haunted, self-propelled shopping cart prank at Target. That video amassed


The Sensible Horror Film

Everyone knows that the characters in horror movies make terrible decisions, most often leaving just one character alive by the