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Look At The Rage Hugh Jackman Built Up Synchronizing ‘Logan’

Actor Hugh Jackman uploaded this incredible footage showing him dub a scene of the movie "Logan" - with his rage…

Hugh Jackman Loses It Over Sir Patrick Stewart’s Ridiculous Circumcision Story

Over 1.7 million views on this bit from The Graham Norton Show. "Even Graham can’t stop laughing." via: reddit

Hugh Jackman Rescues Kids From Drowning

Hugh Jackman has played countless famous heroes and characters, most notable Wolverine from the X-Men. Apparently, all of those hero…

Ryan Reynolds Interviews Hugh Jackman

Deadpool superstar isn't only ruling the box office. Ryan Reynolds is also trending online after hijacking an interview with Hugh Jackman. Ryan took…

Jimmy Fallon Plays Pool Bowling With Hugh Jackman

Jimmy Fallon introduced one of his most creative games on The Tonight Show to play with actor Hugh Jackman. Instead of going…

Wolverine The Musical

The new X-Men movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, is coming soon. To further hype up the action superhero movie, Wolverine…

Hugh Jackman Taunts Journalist Who Was Once In His Gym Class

Journalist Rollo Ross had the lucky opportunity to get a word in with actor Hugh Jackman on the green carpet at the…

Les Misérables First Look

This Christmas, a very special musical comes to the big screen. In most musicals, the actors sing in studio months…

Hugh Jackman Dancing Lipton Ice Tea Commercial

The Wolverine puts on a happier face. Hugh Jackman dances around drinking Ice Tea.



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