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‘Blurred Lines’ Mashed Up With Cosby Show Intro

It seems Bill Cosby was some sort of art visionary when creating the introduction for his popular Cosby Show sitcom.


Elon University Seniors Recreate ‘Friends’ Intro Shot-For-Shot

Ahh, the iconic Friends introduction. Even kids who are graduating college today recognize the popular 90's sitcom.  As a great way


Game Of Thrones With Friends Style Opening

When the Internet finds a TV series to obsess over, it goes all out. So after viewers have re-watched all


Game Of Thrones Intro 1990’s Style Parody

Re-imagining popular contemporary TV shows as what they might have looked like had they been released in the 90's has become


The Walking Dead 1990’s Style Introduction

Goes To Eleven is unabashedly obsessed with the 90's. They specialize in recreating 1990's style introductions to popular shows of today.  The


X-Men 1990’s Cartoon Intro Stop Motion Action Figure Remake

Kyle Roberts and his crew are obviously big fans of the X-Men superhero series. But all these new X-Men and Wolverine


Breaking Bad Intro Illustrated In Motion Graphics

Martin Woutisseth is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. While waiting for work, he got to work promoting himself and created


Futurama Live Action Opening Sequence

Fan favorite Futurama had a slow start back in 1999 on Fox, close to its sister cartoon sitcom, The Simpsons.


Game Of Thrones Intro Remade In LEGO

LEGO video maker BymatthewP created a near perfect recreation of the Game Of Thrones' intro using LEGO's and stop motion camera work. He


The Simpsons Couch Gag Intro By Animator Bill Plympton

Esteemed cartoonist and animator Bill Plympton made a special visit to the world's longest running sitcom, The Simpsons on Fox. He was


15 TV Theme Songs In 2 Minutes Mash Up

The feeling of nostalgia when you hear that familiar intro tune to your favorite after school TV show is universal.


Cute Couple Recreates Full House Intro While On Vacation In San Francisco

The adorable Kaplans went on vacation in San Francisco, and being kids who grew up in the 90's, just had