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Combine Juggling And Pool Trick Shots And You Get One Sick Video

We're always interested in trick shot videos, so this naturally came to our attention. A master juggler combined with a great


Dashcam Shows Student Juggles To Prove Sobriety To Police

Such a cool way to prove it, such a cool guy and such cool police men - no wonder this


Epic Juggling Trick Shots

The team of Kuma Films visited the annual SkillCon convention in Las Vegas to gather some impressive footage of 18


Construction Worker’s Hammer Tricks

As a construction worker, a hammer is your best friend. Woshidapeng's friend is a true veteran of construction work. He's at the


Boy Demonstrates Mind Blowing Contact Juggling

There's juggling and then there's contact juggling, an ancient art form that is trending again now in which an artist attempts


Amelymeloptical Hoop Illusion Will Blow Your Mind

French performer Lindzeetryo has instantly gone viral with his newest video, titled Amelymeloptical Illusion. Using just a few hoops and rings, Lind puts


Hoop Juggler Will Blow Your Mind

Chinese contact juggler Ian Jenson doesn't juggle balls or bowling pins. Instead, performs mind bending tricks with hoops, rings, and spheres. 


Combat Juggling Is A Thing And It’s Awesome

Grantland reports that there is a new sport gaining traction in the underground of the juggling community. It's called combat juggling,


Kai Hou Performs Inconceivable Acrobatic Feats

Kai Hou is one heck of an athlete.  In this month old video that is trending now, Kai performs inconceivable jumps


Girl Juggling Hats Is A Mesmerizing Show

Svetlana Bakunova has a very unique talent. She juggles. Not bowling pins, balls, or torches, but rather black brim hats.  She


Four Juggling Masters Show Off Impressive Tricks

Minnesotan Tom Gaasedelen and his three friends are quite the jugglers. They don't simply juggle three balls. They perform intertwining tricks that


Juggling Around Iceland

That Juggler Guy traveled around the beautiful countryside of Iceland taking GoPro footage of him juggling yellow balls from his own