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Police Have A Dance Off With Kids

This clip by the Kansas City Police has gone viral with over half a million views! While on patrol in one


Horde Of Teenage Girls Stampede Victoria’s Secret Black Friday 2012

It's become a Black Friday tradition now, not to actually go shopping, but to check the web for the expected


I’m Farming and I Grow It LMFAO Parody

The Peterson Farm Bros wanted to promote agriculture, and what better way than making a pop music video parody? They chose


Tornado Caught On Camera Behind Pence, Kansas Wedding

The people of Pence, Kansas aren't shocked by a funnel cloud or two. Even during a recent country wedding, guests


5th Graders Sing One Day By Matisyahu

 says,"As a 4th grade teacher in the inner-city, I'm used to noise. But today, I heard singing next door and


Blind Autistic Boy Enjoys Street Guitar Performance

Blues bellower Tyler Gregory was busking on the streets on Lawrence, Kansas like he usually does when he was approached by a


Giant Tornado Crosses Kansas Highway 4/14/2012

The National Geographic brings us this powerful video of a Hollywood size tornado crossing a Kansas highway from April 4, 2012. Tim


Adrian Hillburn Salute Causes Kansas State Loss VS Syracuse

Adrian Hillburn makes a touchdown and for a moment salutes in celebration. The refs call this unsportsmanlike conduct and he