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Kids React To Vegemite

American children are lucky enough to be ignorant of the Australian concoction that is Vegemite. The pungent, salty food paste is a


Kids React To Old Fashion Typewriter

The typewriter was the first keyboard. The standard QWERTY keyboard layout was born on the now ancient typing device. But


Kids Taste Cow Tongue For First Time

Cow's tongue is not a very popular cut of beef. Kids are understandably not very fond of the uncommon meat.


Kids React To Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Most of today's kids know who the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are. But sadly, they only know of the remade


Kids React To The Original Game Boy

These days, kids have access to amazing mobile technology that was the stuff of science fiction only 20 years ago.


Kid’s React To Duck Tale’s

What 80's or 90's kid doesn't remember Duck Tales? It was one of Disney's most popular animated franchises. It may


Kids Reacting To Old Computers Is Hilarious

Today, a laptop or tablet weighs only a pound or two. A smartphone weighs even less. The screens are flat


Surprising Kids With Giant Versions Of Their Favorite Foods

It's no secret. Kids love mac and cheese, BBQ chicken, pepperoni pizza, and hamburgers. Just to see how they would


Kids React To Walkman Cassette Player

The Fine Brothers last went viral with their enlightening video showing kids from today reacting to an old fashion rotary phone.


Kids React To The Classic Rotary Phone

Ready to feel old? Even though most people online haven't used a rotary phone in decades, they have a faint


Kids React To BatDad

BatDad, the hilarious Vine account run by Blake Wilson, the father with a nerdy superhero sense of humor, took Twitter and YouTube


Kids React To Gay Marriage

The The Fine Brothers usual showcase kids reacting in cute ways to silly Internet memes and viral videos for their famous Kids