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Kids React To Brusspup

YouTuber Brusspup is one of the most popular optical illusion artists online today, with over 1.3 million dedicated followers. That makes the…

Kids React To Controversial Interracial Cheerios Commercial

Remember the interracial Cheerios commercial that went viral and stirred up a storm of controversy around it? Well, the The Fine…

Kids React To Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake. Finally it's over. Or is it? Popular YouTubers The Fine Bros wanted to close the now dead meme with…

Kids React To Honey Boo Boo

The Fine Bros' popular online series Kids React continues to go viral and trend across the web. Their latest episode…

Kids React To Presidential Election 2012

For their latest React video, The Fine Bros enlisted the help of a group of kids to ask them to react to…

Kids React To Famous Bullying Viral Video

Bullying has been a national epidemic in America for sometime now. Kids get so bullied for so long, some even…



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