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Runaway Stunt Bike Flees From It’s Rider

This pretty sure hasn't gone the way it was planned - but this way it is a lot funnier! ;)


Swan Family Blazes Trail Through Icy Pond

in Bradgate Park, Glenfield (UK), this brave swan father did his best to move forward and roam the way free


20 Kilograms Of Red Hot Steel vs. Frozen Lake

Welcome to an epic battle of the masses! Heat against Ice - Beyond the press lets the elements fight and


Frisbee Keeps Rolling Across A Frozen Lake On A Windy Day

This truly is strangely compelling. M4RKOS2011 gave his frisbee a push and because of the strong winter winds and the


Beautiful Frozen Lake Free Dive

This spectacular video from the GoPro Awards shows some beautiful underwater images, near the frozen surface of a giant lake.


Latvians Create Giant Spinning Disc Of Ice On Frozen Lake

Everyone loves riding the carousel at the fair or amusement park. But in Latvia they have a much different kind of


Hikers Walk On Perfectly Clear Frozen Lake And It’s Awesome

One of the perks of winter is being able to walk across frozen lakes. But usually the frozen top of the


Girl Accidentally Knocks Engagement Ring Out Of Boyfriend’s Hand Into Lake

It seemed like a romantic idea at first. Swilk planned on proposing to his girlfriend with all their friends on a


Man Catches His Dying Drone Right Before It Dropped Into Lake

Redphive was having so much fun with his new drone that he completely lost track of time. Soon, the battery on his


Dog Is Spooked By Flopping Fish On Dock

Jazzy the Wire Hair Fox Terrier had never seen a fish before explains Bart Lanzillotti. So when she found a fish on


College Bro Catches Fish Using His Hair As Line

While enjoying the last bit of summer as school swings into full gear, Cabot Phillips and his Liberty University friends performed the unthinkable.


Man Towing Boaters Accidentally Hit In The Face With Beer Can, Falls Into Lake

NSFW Warning - language  Dane Steube was on the lake when he and his fellow boaters ran out of gas. Thankfully, a another