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Lucky Fan Scores Half-Court Shot At Lakers Game For $95,000

Nearly every professional sports game include fun games and sideshows to entertain the guests during downtime. Offering lucky one fan a chance to


NBA Is Rigged For The Lakers To Make The Playoffs Conspiracy

For years, fans have been speculating that professional sports have always been, and still are, rigged. But recently, it seems the


Will Ferrell As A Red Coat Security Guard At The Staples Center

The NBA brings the web this humorous video of comedian Will Ferrell from the recent Suns-Lakers game at the Staples Center. Any


Lakers Fans Pass Steve Nash Beer On Highway

Los Angeles Lakers fans are very excited after Steve Nash was just traded to LA. Any big name might be


Kobe Bryant Swears After Last Technical Foul

Kobe Bryant let off a little steam when he got his fourth technical foul. You can see him mouth a


Crazy Spanish Announcer: Ra Da Da Da After Kobe Bryant Three Pointer

For some reason, this video from last year has had a recent spike in viral viewership. It's a clip of


Carl Landry, Kings Player, Falls Onto Lakers Cheerleader, Kings VS Lakers

Man that looks like it hurt. After trying to rebound the ball Matt Barnes and Carl Landry fall onto a Lakers


Crowd Cheers For Kobe Bryant, Quickly Stop For Pau Gasol

Man that has got to hurt. A nice size crew of people were filming the Lakers walking from thier bus