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Path Of A Lightsaber

For decades, the lightsaber has been one of the most popular science fiction weapons. It's just so cool. The light,


Nerd Makes Real Life Light Saber

For decades, the light saber has entranced nerds and movie watchers. It's probably one of the coolest science fiction weapons


Grown Ups Battle In Toy Wars

They say that boys really never grow up. And there's obviously some truth in that. While watching their kids at


Clash At Cantina Star Wars Short Film

YouTuber and giant Star Wars nerd Corey Vidal is joined by Craig Benzine in this entertaining take on the famous Cantina bar scene in


Darth Baby Gets His Hands On Lightsaber

All properly trained Jedi know to lock up their lightsabers when not in use. But sadly, someone left the lightsaber


Prop Weapons War

Let's face it. Even the most grown up of viewers can't help but imagine using a phaser from Star Trek,


Navy Sailor Dressed As Darth Vader Surprises His Son At Star Wars Birthday Party

This emotional video was posted on the tear-jerking Welcome Home Blog over a week ago, but it has only seriously started to


Baby Jedi Has Lightsaber Battle With Her Father

Lightsaber fanatic Slothfurnace is obviously a huge Star Wars fan and naturally wants to show his daughter the ways of the Force.


Cello Star Wars Battle

ThePianoGuys debuted Cello Wars at the start of the weekend, and it is already quickly nearing 300,00 hits. The video features


Jedi Squirrels

The Internet has brought us many light saber wielding animals, including a Jedi black bear. But now it's time we go smaller. Bryanharley has


Star Wars Light Saber Golf Commercial

Adding light sabers into videos is a classic move already. The promo video for the 2011 Masters Golf pulls it


Playing Badminton With Light Sabers

As editing software gets better and better, cool special effects are appearing in more homemade viral videos. The light saber