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Lion Opens Car Door In South Africa

Joshua Sutherland's sisters were visiting their parents in South Africa and went for a car ride of a life time.


Young Elephant Survives Attack By Lion Pack

The cameraman assumed it was all over when he saw a pack of fourteen lions attack a young elephant. Lions


Lioness Wearing GoPro Hunts Down A Buck

Kevin Richardson is a South African famous for his incredible relationships with wild lions. He is literally the lion whisperer.


Rescued Lion Hugs Man

Valentin Gruener helped raised a lion cub long ago who now resides at the Modisa Wildlife Project in Botswana. When Gruener visited


Mongoose Fights Off Four Lions

If you ever stumble upon a mongoose in the wild you better run. They are tough, resilient creatures. Even lions have


Baby Hears Lion Roar For First Time

Firsts in the life of a baby are always fun and exciting, especially for the parents. This little tyke has


Sneaky Lion Cub Scares Dog

Dogs are supposed to be the ones to bully cats, but when the cat is a lion cub the tables


Giraffe Fights Off Lions To Protect Its Calf

Just because the lion is the king of the jungle doesn't mean the other animals always respect the royal kitty. Kicheche


Liliger Cubs Are The Cute Offspring From A Liger And A Lion

A liger is known in the animal kingdom as the offspring from a lion and a tiger. But here's when


Crazy Guy Plays With Wild Lions

South African zookeeper Kevin Richardson has been working with wild lions for nearly his entire life. He feeds them, hugs them, and


Lion Catches Antelope Mid-Air

A fleeing antelope sadly couldn't escape from two powerful, hungry lions at a South African game reserve. This incredible clip


Crazy Man Has A Pet Mountain Lion

What's better than a guard dog to keep the home safe? How about a real mountain lion? Mario Infanti feels