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Great Britain Olympic Team Don’t Stop Me Now Lip Sync Music Video

Adidas teamed up with the Great Britain Olympic Team to publish this Queen lip-sync music video in honor of the London games


Olympic Commentators are Dicks

NBC has been getting a lot of negative attention for their abysmal delivery of the London Olympics. Constant spoilers, mixed


Usain Bolt 100 Meter Run Compared To All Past Olympic Runners Computer Animation

Usain Bolt has made history again, first for being one of the few to ever win a gold medal twice


Local NBC Sportscaster Rants About Bob Costas Overtime Reporting Of Olympics

Bob Costas may not think going over midnight by a few minutes is a big deal. He is reporting on


Olympic Boat Racing Parody Commentary

Francis Higgins went viral over the weekend with this hilarious Irish commentary spoof of a recent Olympic boat race. Most fans


Simon’s Cat Ready, Steady, Slow

Simon's Cat, the web's favorite kitty cartoon, returns with an Olympics themed episode. The community of animals at the local


Raising an Olympian – Gabby Douglas Short Film

Proctor and Gamble's Olympics themed short film series has been a great success online.  They even 'called' a winner before


Call Me Maybe Ryan Lochte Is Better Than Michael Phelps Parody

After the 2008 summer Olympics in China, Michael Phelps took the US by storm. His face popped up everywhere, from


11-Year Old Harper Gruzins National Anthem Fail

For some reason, National Anthem fail videos are often more popular than the successful renditions of the Star Spangle Banner. The


Happiest Olympic Worker

The British are known for their dry humor, but this Olympics worker really takes things to the next level. On


The Olympics Are Getting Out Of Control

The Olympics used to be an exciting time for countries to try and look away from their differences and compete


USA Olympic Swimming Team Call Me Maybe Music Video

It's horribly unoriginal, but Team USA fans don't care. They love the USA Swimming Team specially made Call Me Maybe dance video