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1000 Marble Rube Goldberg Machine

This video from 2010 started to trend in the past few months, and is featured on TheAwesomer. Rube Goldberg machines…

Beer Bottle Excavator Trick

Do it yourselfer and heavy machinist professional¬†BobcatNinja2124¬†is so skilled with excavators and other heavy building machines, they perform tricks with…

Awesome Lego Rube Goldberg Style Machine

As technology progesses even the simplest of toys progress as well. Today, you can build complex machines and robots out…

80’s Shredding Machine Destroys Everything

You can tell when a video is from the 80's almost immediately. The color contrast and music just give it…

Strange Japanese Kissing Machine

There's a lot going on in a kiss, but Japanese researchers are trying to crack the code. They created a…


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