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Lumberjack Saves Bear With Barrel Stuck On Head

A lumberjack rescued a black bear who was stuck in a pickle. Well, really stuck with a giant milk can


Water Wheel Cleans Baltimore Harbor

In case you aren't aware, the Baltimore Harbor is a cesspool. It's just filthy. The city is on a mission


Inventor Creates Cookie Perfection Machine

Like so many people, inventor Ben Krasnow is obsessed with the perfect cookie.  But it's difficult to find the perfect recipe


Lady Gaga Introduces World’s First Flying Dress

Lady Gaga is of course the queen monster of weird, so few were surprised after she introduced the world's first "flying


Crushing A Concrete Cylinder With A Giant Mechanical Press At University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Every year, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign holds their very popular Engineering Open House day, which is full of fun activities and


Most Useless Machine Ever Advanced Edition

The Most Useless Machine Ever, and its counterparts, has been online for a number of years now. The idea behind


Skittles Sorting Machine

This video was originally published last March, but it only went viral now over the weekend after being covered by


Gigantic K’nex Machine Wonderland Fills Room

Who didn't play with K'nex as a kid? The plastic building toy was second only to Lego. Austron is obsessed with K'nex


Giant Rideable Mech Robot From Japan

Leave it to the world's robotic masters in Japan to make an actual working giant mech robot walker. The beast


Tree Relocation In Australia

What do you do when you need to perform road upgrades, but there are mature trees in the way? In


Worker Puts Quarter Into Soda Bottle Using Forklift

We've seen a professional forklift driver pick up a quarter off the floor with his lift before, but this workman


Overly Complicated Mechanical Machine De-Corks Wine And Even Pours Into Glass

Now a days, everything is digital, but not long ago, all technology was entirely mechanical. With no electricity, wires, or programs,