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Tom Cruising Falls Into Other Movies

Entertaining little video edit by DrMachakil whot lets actor Tom Cruise fall from "Vanilla Sky" into lots of other movies.


Beauty And Lord Voldemort

PistolShrimps put together this absurd mashup of "Beauty and the Beast" and "Harry Potter" trending right now with already over


Toon Sandwich’s Super-Hero-Bowl

Who will be the last one standing in this epic battle between over 100 characters, brought to life by ArtSpear


Little Rascals Recut As Furious 7

A classic kids movie redone in the style of a modern racing action flick? CineFix did mix up "Little Rascals"


Ryan Higa Ends All Challenges With This Epic Mashup

"The Stop Doing Challenges Challenge!" is the title of YouTuber nigahiga new video that went viral within the last days,


When E.T. Would Have Been In ‘Home Alone’

This time How It Should Have Ended play a whole "How It Should Have Been In The First Place" setting


Listen To This Awesome Mariah Carey vs. My Chemical Romance Mashup

Does a mashup being uploaded on YouTube (and with over 100.000 "views") count as a video? I don't think so.


Awesome Surprise Wedding Father Daughter Dance

Mikayla and her father did conquer the web by storm with this epic video of their "wedding reception daddy daughter

Lovely Stranger Things x Peanuts-Mashup

I really want this to go viral! Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez present us an entertaining mashup of "Peanuts" and

Donald Trumps facts checked by the Arrested Development voice over

NeverCesar did something genius by putting together statements held by US presidential candidate Donald Trump made in his first tv

Family Matters Style Luke Cage Opening

Zach Ace mixed the tv classic "Family Matters" together with Netflix' new show "Marvel's Luke Cage". And it does work