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Playing Pool On A Perfect Circle

Games plays with a cue stick and a ball on a table, most commonly known as pool today, have been…

In my math test

Why are women bad at math

Asking Siri “What Is 0 Divided by 0” Has Hilarious Results

Apple's digital secretary Siri has been around for quite some time now. But this new 'Easter egg' has only been…

Girl Can’t Explain If You’re Going 80 MPH How Long Will It Take To Go 80 Miles

There are many other videos featuring people attempting to decipher similar versions of this 'complicated' math problem, but this 2012 video…

During math exam


In math class

How To Use Math To Win At Monopoly

No game tears families and friends apart like the classic board game Monopoly. It's one of the oldest and most…

Has a math test at school

Math Teacher Fights With Himself In Hilarious Projection Show For April Fools

Matthew Weathers is famous online for his hilarious April Fools pranks he puts on for his class each year. He has…

Math problems MEME


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