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Insane Ice Cream Man Prank

One of the nicest sounds in the summer is the music of the ice cream truck. Everyone loves when the


Cell Phone Crashing At The Beach

Greg Benson of Mediocre Films is famous for his hilarious cell phone crashing prank series. The prank is simple. Greg walks


Asking Fast Food Restaurants To Make The Sandwich Like The Ad

There's no denying it. When you finally receive your fast food from the window it never looks as good as


Homeless Shelter Is Transformed Into Five Star Restaurant

Prankster Greg Benson of Mediocre Films has joined with Break's Prank it Fwd campaign to take part in positive pranks for a change.


Cellphone Crashing At Disneyland

Prankster Greg Benson of Mediocre Films basically invented cellphone crashing. What exactly is that?  It's when you approach a perfect stranger on


Cellphone Crashing At The Airport

Is there anything more annoying than someone interrupting your conversation on the phone by talking right next to you? Prankster


Real Life Facebook Prank

It's OK to admit it. We all have 'friends' on Facebook who we really aren't friends with in real life.


Weatherman Report In The Elevator Prank

Chit chatting about the weather during a short elevator ride is a common tactic used by many to help reduce


Fancy Restroom Attendant At Gas Station Bathroom Prank

Running into a fancy restroom attendant is a nice surprise while out at the opera. But the extra company is


Homeless Man Gives People A Dollar Social Experiment

No matter where you are in the civilized world, it seems the same social problems persist. Homelessness is of course one of