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38 Facts About NASA

Some not that useful but interesting knowledge presented by Mental Floss about NASA. "This week, Mike shares some facts about


16 Myths About Blindness

Josh from Mental Floss explains to us what urban myths there are about blindness and people who suffer from it.


Misconceptions From The Internet

The Internet is a great place we all love. Now, we can order pizza, meet new friends, check the news,


Holiday Life Hacks To Make Your Holiday Easier

Ironically, the holiday season is known as the most stressful time of the years. It's supposed to be a joyous


Thanksgiving Food Facts

The holiday season will officially begin tomorrow when millions of Americans sit down for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, stuffing,


Misconceptions About Technology

Nearly everyone uses some form of technology, but few people actually understand what is going on under the hood of


Things You Might Not Know About Harry Potter

As the Web is greatly populated by nerds, it's no surprise that Harry Potter is extremely prevalent online. But even


Misconceptions About Food

Everyone knows that MSG is bad for you and causes headaches. But does it really? The FDA has studied MSG


Misconceptions You Learned In School

School is where everyone learns basic facts about history, math, and reading. But not all teachers are perfect. Actually, many schools


Unusual Wills Are Really Weird

Wills are a way to make sure you're last hopes and wishes are executed as you want after you pass on.


Is it Dangerous To Stand In Front Of A Cooking Microwave?

For years now, ignorant people have been debating the supposed dangers of microwave ovens. Many believe that the fast cooking


Why Are Tortoises So Slow

The Tortoise is known as one of the slowest animals in the animal kingdom. It even stars in a famous