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26 November, 2020



Mercedes Blocks Ambulance In Emergency

Of all drivers on the road, Mercedes Benz drivers have a really bad reputation. Well this latest trending video is sure…

Mercedes Catches Fire On Highway, Driver Freaks Out

In the rare event your car catches on fire, it's fair to freak out. But this driver still may have…

Super Mario Mercedes Benz Commercial

Forget Yoshi! Mario has a new, much sweeter ride and it's from Germany. Mercedes Benz Japan made the right decision to promote…

Jaguar Spoofs Mercedes Magic Body Roll Chicken Commercial

Back in September, Mercedes went viral with their Magic Body Roll chicken commercial. That ad stands with over 7 million…

How Magic Body Roll Works

As seen in their recent viral commercial that has already garnered over 1.3 million views, Mercedes Benz has again broken new ground…

Mercedes-Benz Magic Body Roll Chicken Commercial

To promote their brand new 'Magic Body Roll' suspension technology, Mercedes Benz commissioned this odd, yet entertaining commercial featuring... chickens? Just as…

Son Surprises His 70 Year Old Mother With Brand New Mercedes

Gkadish posted this touching surprise video, titled I made my mother cry today, back in 2010, but it is trending now more than…

Invisible Mercedes Commercial

Our friends at Mashable bring us this special Mercedes-Benz F-Cell commercial. The car runs on hydrogen that powers fuel cells, and has…

Mauro Calo In Mercedes Pulls Off World Record Power Slide

Race car driver, Mauro Calo, pulled off a world record power slide in his Mercedes Benz. For basically three minutes, he…



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