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Where Is The True North Pole?

Every kid learns in school that the North Pole is the top of the Earth and the South is the


Can Humans Feel Temperature

Summer is here, and already, people are complaining about the heat as is customary. Which begs the question, why does


The Order Of Operations Is Wrong, Or At Least Ambiguous

Most web users have received at least one chain email or Facebook posting which contained a simple looking arithmetic problem that seemed


The True Science of Parallel Universes

Henry Reich, of the popular science based educational channel Minute Physics, starts his newest viral video with, "Everyone loves the


The Universe Explained In Regards To A YouTube Video

The observable universe is 93 billion light years across. But how big is that really? For comparison, Minute Physics says to imagine this


What Is The Universe?

It's a simple question that is actually far more complex than it seems. What is the Universe? Science obsessed Minute Physics delves deep into


10 Reasons Why We Know the Earth is Round

It may seem juvenile, or even stupid, but how do we know the Earth is round? Not long ago, everyone


Is It Better To Walk Or Run In The Rain?

In his latest video, science obsessed Minute Physics rhetorically asks the interesting question, "Is it better to walk or run in the rain?"


The Origin Of Quantum Mechanics

Popular stop-motion drawing science channel Minute Physics continues to only grow more and more in popularity. Their latest publication--which features guest narrator Neil Turok who


What If The Earth Were Hollow?

Educational videos continue to trend online, and quick-serving Minute Physics is one of the most popular sources. In his latest video, which