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A Giant Mouse Trap

What do you do when your house is haunted by mice? You obviously build a giant mouse trap.

Mouse Adorably Rings Bell To Have Door Opened

YouTuber MouseAgility specializes in training his pet mice. For their latest trick, he has taught his mice to ring a tiny,…

Determined Mouse Tries To Carry Cookie Over Ledge

Russian YouTuber Павел Головков posted this adorable video back in the summer, but the clip has only gone viral now. Just today,…

Bird Snatches Mouse After Released By Cadet

Before the weekend, Marcel Tasch published this unreal nature video and already it has garnered over 1.1 million views. A cadet at…

Mouse ‘Buys’ A Treat Trick

This video was actually posted online eleven long months ago, but it has only started to trend now. Professional mouse…

Mouse Cuddles With Kitten

Against all conventional wisdom, this little mouse cuddles up with a kitten. Of course, the kitten is sleepy and young,…

Adorable Snoring Dormouse

A Dormouse is a European rodent, almost like a wild hamster. The rodent is famous for its long hibernation sessions, so Surrey Wildlife…

World’s First Mouse And Scanner Combo

This video of the world's first scanner mouse was posted in January, but has had a recent surge in activity.…



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