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Flash Flooding in Fire Ravaged California

Flash Flood in California California has suffered many natural disasters in the last few years, these have mostly taken on


Severe Flooding In Ellicott City

Ellicott City, Maryland has been prone to flooding for years. But the flash storm that hit on Saturday was something that locals


Landslide Up Close Is Terrifying

Londa Edwards and others were working, clearing small debris, near Hwy 14 near Elk City, Idaho when the quiet situation turned into


Inside Grocery Store During Chile Earthquake Is Terrifying

Imagine you were at the grocery store like any other day picking up a couple items for dinner when suddenly the


Huge Tornado Slammed Rochelle, Illinois

The small town of Rochelle, Illinois was hit by a gigantic EF4 tornado yesterday. E2theloc captured the twister on camera that reportedly killed


Terrifying Footage From Mount Ontake Volcano Eruption In Japan

The Mount Ontake volcano in Japan just erupted at 11:50 AM local time. Terrifyingly, there were 150 mountain climbers attempting


Cars Being Swallowed By Baltimore Landslide Is Terrifying

Yesterday, a Baltimore roadway collapsed after a miniature sinkhole weakened the road along N. 26th St. in Charles Village. Witnesses were powerless


Mom Comforts Her Toddler During Japanese Earthquake

This chilling video from the 9.0 earthquake that struck Japan in March of 2011 has started to trend again now. Dough537 says


Japanese Earthquakes Visualization 2011

The earthquakes and tsunami that struck Japan in 2011 were truly devastating, and the country is still recovering from the extended


Melting Glacier Launches Huge Ice Chunks At Boaters Near By

While boating near the Tracy Arm Fjord in Alaska, an enormous hunk of the ice mountain melted off and splashed into


Ground Moving Caught On Camera In Japan

Brent Kooi was in Chiba City, Japan during the earthquake. He recorded the ground cracking and moving in real time. Scary


Building Swaying In Japan

There are already countless videos posted of the tragic earthquake in Japan. Here you can actually see the building swaying!