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Players Since 1995 PlayStation Commercial

The web loves nostalgia, with the most popular decade no doubt being the 90's.  Capitalizing on this fact, PlayStation is going viral


Volkswagen ‘Take On Me’ Inspired Commercial

Volkswagen has gone viral with their new commercial inspired by the A-ha's hit single Take On Me from the 1980's. Nostalgic viewers are


Duct Tape Parody Of DuckTales Theme Song

Remember Disney's Duck Tales? Nostalgia obsessed The Warp Zone sure does. To celebrate the classic cartoon, the crew recreated the classic theme


Son Surprises Dad By Finding His Old 1972 Mustang MACH 1

There are few things more emotional for a dad than their grown son giving them the car of their dreams. 


Remember 1990 Ultimate Montage

The Peterson has made a name for themselves online producing nostalgia-packed mega-mixes from the past that they dub 'remember videos.' They've


Fresh Breath Of Farm Air Music Video Parodies Fresh Prince

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song is one of the most popular nostalgic tunes online. There are countless spoofs


Will And Jaden Smith Freestyle Rap On The Graham Norton Show And Dance With Alfonso Ribeiro

Last May, Will Smith went viral after appearing on The Graham Norton Show and performing his world famous signature Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme


Remember 1986 In Ten Minutes Ultimate Montage

Last month, nostalgia obsessed The Peterson went viral with their Remember 1999 In Ten Minutes Ultimate Montage, which now stands with over 1.9


Stuff From The 90’s Music Video Gets Real Serious Real Quick

There's a bad habit online that seems to romanticize the 90's like it was just a perfect decade of sunshine, Oval Office


Pokémon Snap: The Movie Trailer

Nostalgia nerds are loving this week old faux-trailer for Pokémon Snap: The Movie. Already, the fake trailer by GrittyReboots has over 475,000 views, and


Calvin And Hobbes Animation

It's no secret the Internet loves cats, bacon, the 90's, and the classic Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. Animator Adam Brown took


If Famous Websites Were Real People Working In An Office

CRACKED recently published this hilarious in-real-life spoof of the Internet, imagining a big Internet office where the employees are personified versions