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How to Fall Asleep Fast

23 September, 2022



What Makes You Beautiful Spoof Blasts Mitt Romney

FullFrontalFreedom, a coalition of independent artists and media folks trying to get their feet wet in the political world, have just


Barack Obama Singing What Makes You Beautiful

The fun and ridiculous Barack-Obama-singing-pop-song videos continue to be published by the editing and lip dubbing masters at Baracks Dubs. The


What Makes You Beautiful Parody Mocks Grown Women

Everyone knows that boy bands like One Direction are aimed at a very specific target audience. Teeny bopper girls. But


Five Guys On One Piano Cover What Makes You Beautiful

The Internet's best piano masters, The Piano Guys, have taken the music game to the next level in their latest track.


Dogs Parody One Direction’s One Thing

After much great success, The Pet Collective is continuing their pet themed parodies of pop songs. After spoofing Call Me Maybe and Rolling


One Direction Justin Bieber Mash Up ‘Sang’ With Just Laughter

In this video, Aussie cover band Masketta Fall performs a very special and unique mash up cover of One Direction and Justin


One Direction – You Are So Beautiful, Summer Of 69 – X Factor 2010

Boy band One Direction sing the slow song You Are So Beaufitul and nail it. One Direction perform the classic


One Direction All You Need Is love – The X Factor

Beatles week seems to fit boy band One Direction like a glove. Will they meet their potential? From the start


One Direction The Way You Look Tonight – The X Factor Live 2010

Pop band One Direction sing The Way You Look Tonight. They are high from meeting the Harry Potter cast. Can


One Direction Total Eclipse Of The Heart – The X Factor Live

One Direction sing the famous song, Total Eclipse Of The Heart. The crowd love the harmony and performance.


One Direction Nobody Knows – The X Factor 2010 Live 10/23/10

Boy band, One Direction, sing Nobody Knows and the crowd shriek and yell even from the start. They have the


One Direction My Life Would Suck Without You – The X Factor 2010 Live show

One Direction sing the first American Idol's winner Kelly Clarkson's song My Life Would Suck With You. No one can