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Parrot Activates Siri On iPhone

Birds are arguably the only creatures in the animal kingdom who can speak like us. Sure, it's hard to argue that


Parrot Apparently Mourning Dead Bird Is Adorably Sad

It's a fact that many animals mourns their dead, such as elephants and dogs. Most people know that, but one


Bird Sounds Exactly Like R2-D2

The Internet has seen parrots who can make the iconic sounds of R2-D2, but that doesn't make this video any


Disco The Parakeet Recites One Phrase That Leads To Another

This video by MsJumpinJude was published last November, but has only exploded online this weekend, amassing over 1.1 million views. Disco the


Pet Bird Sings Dubstep

Dubstep may sound out of this world, but there are few sounds a parakeet can't imitate. Impressively, Rainykauke taught their bird


Bird Imitates R2-D2

This 2009 video published by 3pdave has just gone viral only now. There are endless adorable video of birds and parakeets


Two Adorable Talking Parrots Have Conversation

While visiting Birds of Eden in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, these tourists stumbled upon two very talkative Parakeets. The two cuties


Bird Balancing On Tennis Ball Trick

This little parakeet loves to balance on his tennis ball. He must have gone to clown college, because that's a