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Antarctic Selfie with a Baby Gentoo Penguin

Antarctic Selfie with a Baby Gentoo Penguin

[rumble][/rumble] A selfie with a baby Gentoo Penguin in Antarctica. More

I hate everything

Penguins Try To Escape Zoo

A zookeeper at Denmark's Zooodense noticed bird footprints on the ground, specifically, penguin feet. After following the footprints down the hall, she…

Penguin Visits Brazilian Man

Years ago, a Brazilian man found a Patagonian Penguin on the beach in front of his house, sick and covered in…

Little Penguins At The Zoo Are The Cutest

Everyone knows that penguins are already super cute and adorable. But these penguins are even cuter! Even their name is…

Graham Norton Confronts Benedict Cumberbatch That He Can’t Say ‘Penguins’

Viewers will remember the hilarious viral compilation from a month ago of British actor Benedict Cumberbatch failing to properly pronounce 'penguins' while narrating…

Benedict Cumberbatch Can’t Say ‘Penguins’

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is an extremely talented star and orator. But Graham Hughes noticed something odd while watching a BBC documentary about the…

Penguins Try To Cross Over Low Rope

This older video is trending again, as viewers simply can't resist adorable penguins. A colony of penguins were blocked by…

Penguin Chasing After Zookeeper Is The Cutest Thing Ever

This video by Japanese YouTuber 花と鳥松江 has gone viral, and is featured on DailyPicks and TastefullyOffensive.  The cute clip showcases the…

Bird Steals Egg Camera, Films Penguin Colony From The Sky

Wildlife television company John Downer Productions captured some amazing footage with a special 'egg camera.' The egg shaped camera was placed…

Best Penguin Bloopers And Falls

John Downer Productions and the BBC have just finished taping for Penguins – Spy in the Huddle. The editors soon learned…

Penguin Highway in Antarctica

Melissa Brennan had the amazing opportunity to travel across all seven continents, including frigid Antarctica. While on the icy continent she set up…



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