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Baby Turkey Chicks Jump All Over Loving Pit Bull

The pit bull is notorious around the world as one of the most ferocious and violent dogs. But that couldn't


Giant 175lb Family Pit Bull Is Appropriately Named The Hulk

British dog trainers Marlon and Lisa Grennan are experts at rearing powerful and fearless pit bulls for security. Their biggest pit


Adorable Four Year Old Girl Controls And Feeds Six Pit Bulls

Little Taysley may only be four years old, but she is already a dog whisperer in the making. In this


Cat Adopts Pit Bull Puppy

Fox 8's Annette Lawless made this touching report two summers ago, but it has only gone viral now with over half


Pit Bull Really Does Not Like Pineapple

Like most people, Jolene Creighton's kitchen is a little cluttered. But there's only one thing in the kitchen that can


Scared Dog Walks Through Doorway Backwards

Rhiannon Hamam has an adorable pit bull that is a big scaredy cat. Instead of being the vicious, fearless beast as most


Pit Bull Being Reunited With His Rescuer Will Melt You Heart

Owner of Marine Animal society Joey Wagner noticed a pit bull puppy in distress and saved the poor pup. Joey brought


Pit Bull Loves To Play With Bubbles

Pit Bull and Bully Breeds Lovers posted this cute animal video in January, but the clip has gone viral now with


Piglet Is Best Friends With Pit Bull Terrier

Pigalina the piglet is only three weeks old, but she has already found a best friend for life. The young


Dog Steals Gloves At Girls Softball Game

A Western Oregon University women's softball game was interrupted after a dog ran on the field and stole two gloves right


Excited Dog Jumps On The Furniture Playing The Lava Game

The house of Life in the Dog House is a little crazy now that they have nine dog rescues.  Stig the pit bull


Pit Bill And Arianna In ‘Sexy People’ Fiat 500 Music Video Commercial

As the web has seen with Beyonce and H&M, commercial and music video has nearly official melded completely. Viewers were