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Bacon And Chocolate Pizza, I Can’t Even…

Bacon and chocolate are both delicious. But together, on a pizza?! That's some disgusting food. [embed][/embed]


I Asked For The Pizza

The pizza is something I actually wanted in the first place, the rest you can keep.


What Really Is The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Pizza?

Everyone loves pizza, but is there any justification for a very expensive one or is it basically the same as


Cirque Du Pizza. Yes, It’s Exactly What You Think It Is

Pizza is a delicious kind of food. Everybody knows that. But did you know pizza makes for excellent tricks and


Tortilla Pizza – You Suck at Cooking (episode 58)

Another tasty video (and this time also description) by You Suck at Cooking that already got over 300,000 views on


$5 Pizza vs. $135 Pizza

They are really fast! After sushi and burgers the guys and gals from BuzzFeed did test the inevidable: pizza! And


Pizza Box Is A Pepperoni Pie Served In Box Made Of Pizza

You might have heard of it as it went viral last week. We're talking about the pizza box. It's a


Pizza Girl On Kisscam Loves Her Pizza

We've all been there before. You're all alone and it seems like everyone else is together and happily in love.


How To Make Pizza Waffles

Pizza is one of the most universal foods in the world. But after years of stuffing crusts, adding dipping sauces, and


How To Make A Blend Of Three-Cheeses Is Stupid Easy

Back in the day, if you wanted a new recipe or help with cooking, you would have to go to


Church Gives Pizza Delivery Guy Giant $700 Tip

Jeff Louis has been going through some pretty hard times recently, but he has pushed himself to work hard and get


Remote Control Pizza Rat In New York Prank

Remember the Subway rat who went viral after attempting to carry a slice of pizza away to its burrow? That